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What is the TEAS Exam?

What is the TEAS exam?

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) manages the Test of Essential Academic Skills, also known as TEAS.

This exam was created to evaluate the learners' level of skills who are getting into nursing or associated nursing institutions. The TEAS will test your skills in Reading, Mathematics, Science, English, and Language Usage.

The TEAS examination, or the Test of Essential Academic Skills, is a standard exam frequently used in determining the preparedness of a student for admission in college courses related to healthcare.

This requirement is typical for nursing school entry, so familiarizing yourself with the TEAS examination's ups and downs is wise.

You are probably now asking yourself, "is it hard to pass the TEAS examination?" Well, every individual perceives the difficulty of this nursing exam in a different way. If you are ready to be informed on what you will be tested on, then you will have a higher probability of passing the TEAS exams. To begin, let's carefully look at the format of the TEAS exams.

Familiarizing yourself with the TEAS examination structure is among the essential tips we can offer so that you know what to anticipate in the exam. You will be happy to know that the TEAS examination format is the same as other standard exams you have probably taken in your life. Many of the things you should be aware of in TEAS tests are related to general education units usually contained in high school curriculums. The TEAS examination aims to ensure that people seeking post-secondary education in nursing or associated allied healthcare courses have the primary knowledge and understanding necessary for succeeding in their learning. How long and how many questions are on the exam?

Approximately three and a half hours is allocated by the Assessment Technologies Institution (ATI) to finish the TEAS test, a text that includes all multiple-choice questions.

There are four subject areas with a predetermined set of items included in the exam. The following sections are included in the TEAS exam with the allotted time for every section.

Mathematics: one of the sections of TEAS is devoted to mathematics. Mathematics plays a vital role in the daily duties of every nurse or any allied health professional. There are 36 items in this section. The section has 54 minutes allotted to it. The mathematical concepts are similar to those that candidates have encountered in secondary school and college pre-program years. The topics include data, numbers, measurement, and algebra. Reading: One of the fundamental skills that every student entering the nursing of allied health program should have is reading comprehension. The section has 53 items that should be answered within 64 minutes. The section includes the integration of knowledge, key concepts, and passage structure, and craft. Science: The science section involves a thorough review of fundamental concepts with an indispensable impact on the future career in nursing. This section has 53 test items that should be handled within 63 minutes. Key subjects in this section include life science, physical science, scientific reasoning, and the human body. English Language and Usage: English language and usage sections are the shortest. The section aims at verifying that the candidate has a solid grasp of basic English language skills. Candidates will demonstrate their English language proficiency, vocabulary, and conventions by answering 28 questions within 28 minutes.

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