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Testing in California for your TEAS exam? Read this first.

If you want to take the TEAS test in California, you can sign up for it at a PSI test site.

These are the locations of PSI test centers in California:










Laguna Hills




San Diego

San Francisco

Santa Clara

Santa Fe Springs

Santa Rosa



Walnut Creek

How to select the TEAS examination center Each person taking the TEAS test should sign up on the ATI examination website. You can choose both your preferred state and city for the examination during the process of registration. Arrival time The PSI examination sites need all the registered individuals to arrive at least 30 minutes before the starting time of the examination. You may not be allowed to take the exam if you have not arrived 30 minutes before the start of the test. Items you should carry to the examination locations in California You should have particular things during the TEAS examinations in California. Recognized Identification You must produce an Identification Document with a photograph to take the TEAS exam. Besides, the I.D. must have your signature and the address of your home. Only a government-issued identification document is acceptable. Passports and green cards are examples of acceptable types of identification documents. Pencils You must carry two (2) pencils to the examination center, and you should sharpen them before your arrival. Furthermore, erasers should be attached to pencils. Log-in details for student account It is essential to create a student account before the day of the examination to take the online version of the TEAS examination. You should bring your log-in details on the day of the exam to log in and take the exam. Items you should not carry to the examination center. The TEAS examination locations do not offer drawers or monitored areas where individuals can safely leave their belongings. It is essential to be aware of what you should not carry in so that you can safely leave unwanted items in your vehicle or not carrying them to the exam center. The list below shows forbidden items: Cameras Hats Pagers Food Purses Books Scratch Paper Extra Pencils Sunglasses Cell Phones Extra Clothes

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