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TEAS Exam Accommodations

In some cases, students may qualify for a change of their TEAS examination or testing process. These changes in the examination also referred to as accommodations, must be given approval by the office of disability services of a college or by PSI examining venues. Who is eligible for accommodations? Generally, accommodations are reserved for individuals suffering a disability or who would otherwise face challenges during the examination. For instance, an individual with motor skills problems may be eligible to use a trackball mouse in the exam. Another individual with a medical problem may qualify for more time during the test. Various factors may necessitate a request for examination accommodations. It is not guaranteed that an accommodation will be approved. Each application is evaluated and accepted or rejected, depending on the merits of the individual. This implies that two individuals with a similar diagnosis may be accommodated differently depending on their specific needs. People contemplating accommodations application should evaluate the requirements for this application to determine if they qualify for accommodations. The available types of changes Examinations can be adjusted in several ways. Individuals can receive the following types of accommodations: · Receiving additional time to take the exam · Getting more breaks · Having somebody reading them the exam · Receiving examinations printed in large fonts It is crucial to understand that since accommodations significantly depend on expert medical recommendations, there is no specific list of offered changes. How to apply for accommodations at PSI Testing Centers Step 1: Find the Application Form There is a bulletin that provides the TEAS test or candidate on the PSI Exam website. Candidates will find the accommodations application form in the bulletin. Step 2: Supporting Documentations Individuals must provide supporting documents to verify their TEAS testing accommodation requests. The accommodations application form has all the requirements for the documentation.

Usually, an individual provides a letter issued by an educational or medical professional with the qualifications of diagnosing a condition.

The documentation must bear the professional's signature and a declaration of the individual's diagnosis as the professional's recommendation on the kind of testing process to be changed. The professional's contact information is also needed. Step 3: Filling the Application form Details include personal information such as name, address, and testing I.D. number is required when filling the application form. The individual must declare the form of accommodation for which they are applying. The accommodation application form has a fax number. The application and the supporting documentation should be sent by email. Application of Accommodation at the College TEAS tests can also be taken in colleges. However, the colleges have different guidelines for approving accommodations. The steps involved in the approval process are also different. For example, some colleges automatically grant testing changes to students whose applications for accommodations were approved while they complete their studies at any college within the school district. In such cases, the individual provides an accommodations form or letter from the disability service office when scheduling their test date. It would be required that individuals whose accommodations are not approved by their disability services office and need to take the TEAS tests complete an application. The applicant may be required to provide supporting documentation from a medical professional during the application process. Due to the difference in accommodation application steps from one college to another, it is essential to review the specific application process at the specific college one wishes to take the TEAS test. How to schedule the TEAS with Accommodations It takes approximately four days to review TEAS accommodation applications for PSI. The application responses are often sent by email to applicants. Individuals whose applications are successful will receive instructions on how to proceed by email. They will also receive a phone call to schedule their TEAS test. Colleges process TEAS accommodation applications at different times. Besides, the methods of notification and scheduling procedures are different. It is essential to verify the college's accommodation scheduling process in which you are taking your TEAS test.

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