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  • Jen Mills

It's time to update the TEAS exam!

The TEAS version 7 will be the newest version of the TEAS exam, and it is expected to include changes in the question ratio. We can expect minor adjustments for all topics, such as scoring or scaling points, but not much else.

When will it be released? Around October 2021.

The Reading section is getting a significant cut - 22 questions for Key Ideas and Details will be reduced to 15. There's also been a slight decrease in Craft & Structure from 14 on previous test versions—now there are only nine total question items related to these areas.

So make sure you brush up on your reading skills before taking this version of the test!

As the TEAS 7 Math exam will have fewer questions about Numbers and Algebra, there will be more measurement and data items. Measures like time, distance, weight, etc., are going to play a significant role in this section of the test.

The Science section of TEAS 7 is now going to have 18 questions on Human Anatomy and Physiology. The previous version had 32 questions, which will relieve students considering how difficult the test can get at times!

The English section will have about 8-10 more questions added.

The changes in the TEAS version 7 exam are minor. It's still the same test with the same subject areas and topics, but only slightly more or fewer questions than before! So good luck and happy testing.

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