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How to register for the TEAS test?

Registering for the TEAS examination TEAS scores are a vital factor for admission into allied health courses.

Therefore, you must schedule early and register to take the examination before your program application deadline. Although you can usually plan an examination appointment within two days before the day of an exam, numerous institutions advise registration up to two months before the application's deadline to make sure you can have an examination seat at a testing center. You will have a different registration process based on your preferred application program, although many schools need you to use these highlighted steps below. Satisfy the requirements for registration To register for the TEAS test, you may probably need an open file nursing application. Institutions may also require you to have completed any additional coursework that your college exam scores necessitate, such as the SAT or ASSET tests. This may also include your health program's prerequisites, including courses of general education in sections such as mathematics, English, and science. Schedule a date for the exam You can generally schedule a date for the examination by filling your school registration form and paying or going to the ATI website ( If you want to register for a program that uses the ATI website ( registration, you will first have to create an online account on the ATI website and pay. After confirming your payment, an email with the required I.D. number for a test date and schedule will be sent to you from PSI (, an institution that manages these examinations. Remember that registering is final; you may not adjust your examination date after scheduling, and the registration fee is non-refundable; it ranges between $60 and $80. Dates and locations for the TEAS exam The TEAS examination is available to take year-round. The exact time and date will depend on your preferred examination center. Learning institutions such as universities and colleges usually host the testing, and you will probably take the examination at an institution offering your preferred program. Alternatively, you can choose to take the test at any examination center of the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), which is in many states. Examination scheduling You must complete the process of registering to select a date and a location for the test officially. You can register on the ATI website. The website will list for you the available examination schedules. Just pick your institution or provide your city and state to view all available examination sites and dates. You may need to travel outside your city if there are no sessions in your city that suit your schedule. Remember that some institutions conduct the process of registration themselves. Should you fail to find the listing of your institution, city, or state on the ATI website, confirm with your program's department on how you can conduct the registration. Besides, be very careful with your choices during your TEAS test registration. Every registration is final, and after scheduling a date, it may be impossible to change or shift the date. The registration costs roughly a non-refundable $65. Requirements You should ensure meeting all the requirements before registering. Some instances will require you to have an open nursing application on file. There is a variation of the exact prerequisites based on your preferred school, so contact your program's department to determine whether you have yet to meet additional requirements. Deadlines for registration You should register to take the exam as soon as you are sure you want to take the TEAS. Although the examination can be taken throughout the year, positions can quickly fill up, and failing to take the exam can be a big blow. Many nursing courses have strict deadlines for the TEAS exam. If you plan to start the course during the fall, you should finish the test at least a semester beforehand; many institutions need learners in this circumstance to have completed the exam by the conclusion of the spring semester or even earlier. Taking too much time to register for the TEAS exam may delay you past the deadline and bar you from enrolling in a course and force you to defer the exam until the following semester. It is advisable to register for the test at least two months beforehand for any test due date to avoid this uncalled-for stress.

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