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  • Sara Alvarez

Teas Exam Preparation and how to prepare for the TEAS on "Test Day".

The day of the TEAS exam will reach before you know it. It is the day when all the nights you have spent studying for the test will pay off. However, there are things you have to do to ensure that the day is a success. First, ensure you sleep well and eat a well-balanced breakfast on the morning of the test. Eggs, green tea, acai berries, and salmon are some of the foods that are good for the brain. It is also essential that you are well hydrated for your body to function smoothly. You can take some time to walk around the area before the exam begins if you are unacquainted with the testing location. It would be disappointing if you get a limited parking space at the last minute and need more time to settle. Your brain has enough to process, and you do not need little issues to get you worried. If you are unable to do these last-day preparation activities, do not arrive at the testing location late. ATI begins the test at the designated time, and no test will be administered past this time. Preparation for the TEAS test day involves more than studying the test material. You also need to be familiar with the testing expectations to have what is required and observe the testing policies. Are you prepared to take the TEAS test? You should not fear the TEAS test if you planned ahead. Do not get rid of this blog after you have passed the test. You can refer to this blog as it provides helpful preparation techniques that you can use while preparing for and during your certification test at the end of the Nursing program-the NCLEX. Have these tips in mind as you start your nursing career journey. You may need to start planning on the nursing credentials you would want to pursue after completing the TEAS test. What to have with you on the Test day You need to carry three things when you are taking a TEAS test. Recognized Identification You must produce an Identification Document with a photograph to take the TEAS exam. Besides, the I.D. must have your signature and the address of your home. Only a government-issued identification document is acceptable. The ID must have your photograph, address, and signature. Passports and green cards are examples of acceptable types of identification documents. Pencils You must carry two (2) pencils to the examination center, and you should sharpen them before your arrival. Furthermore, erasers should be attached to pencils. Log-in details for student account It is essential to create a student account before the day of the examination to take the online version of the TEAS examination. You should bring your log-in details on the day of the exam to log in and take the exam.

Items you should not carry to the examination center. The TEAS examination locations do not offer drawers or monitored areas where individuals can safely leave their belongings. It is essential to be aware of what you should not carry in so that you can safely leave unwanted items in your vehicle or not carrying them to the exam center. The list below shows forbidden items: Cameras Hats Pagers Food Purses Books Scratch Paper Extra Pencils Sunglasses Cell Phones Extra Clothes What will be provided? Although it is prohibited to carry scratch paper and a calculator to the exam, the items will be provided on the test day. How the process works After arriving at the test site, you will need to show your identification before entering the exam room. Test-takers may be assigned specific seats. Candidates are given a short break after the mathematics subtest. However, you can take extra breaks on request by raising your hand. There is no extra time to complete the test if you leave during the testing period. What do the Proctors do? The roles of the proctors are ensuring that the right candidates are admitted to take the TEAS test. They ensure a smooth testing process and that there is no disruption during the test. Proctors may restrict test-takers to bring items into the test site. They also assist when the test-takers encounter technical issues during the test. They also address complaints forwarded by the test-takers. Know what your test will entail You must demonstrate that you are ready to pursue nursing or health science at the post-secondary level when you take the TEAS test. Take advantage of the resources to study for the test.

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