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  • Sara Alvarez

How much does it cost to take the TEAS Exam?

Test Fees & Where to Pay If it is a requirement that you take the TEAS test for admission into a post-secondary health science or nursing course, you will need to pay the examination fee to take the exam. The application fees you pay during your preferred college or university application do not include the TEAS fees.

There may be a variation on the TEAS examination price depending on the site of your test (for example, a college, university, or an ATI testing site). You will know the exact cost during registration for the test. While you can take your TEAS examination at your preferred college or university, you must pay for the exam via the ATI TEAS website. The website will require you to create an account and register.

After creating an account and registering, you can plan and pay for the TEAS examination. Accepted methods of payment You can use both credit and debit cards for online payment of the examination. Make sure that your debit or credit card is valid during the test registration. Ordering Additional Transcripts Your preferred college or university during registration automatically receives your score results. In some instances, you may want your scores to be sent to more schools. You will have to pay $27 for a copy of your score results to be sent to additional institutions. Relinquishing examination Fees In some instances, a test-taker may be forced to relinquish the examination fees and pay the total price to take the examination. The following reasons may result in examination fees forfeiture: ● Failure to follow the rules of the test site ● Late arrival on the examination day ● Failure to take your examination.

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