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What's the policy for retaking the TEAS exam?

Policy for retaking TEAS Although the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) administers the TEAS examination, they only create the exam. Each institution sets the policies regarding retakes and passing scores. Therefore, the institution you wish to attend determines the exact number of times you can take the TEAS examination. Number of Retakes Many institutions strictly restrict the number of times an applicant can take the TEAS exam. Some institutions allow only two examination trials or limit you to two sittings each year, beginning from your first examination. While other institutions restrict the number of retakes in an entry period, approximately 3 to 4-month duration, which is between one semester and the start of another, if you take your exam within this duration, you may have between one and two attempts at getting valid scores. You are at liberty to take the examination as much as you want at any other point during the academic year. Waiting duration You may have to wait for roughly one month to take the TEAS examination for the second time. Some institutions need applicants to wait 30 days before retaking the TEAS exams, while the waiting period for some may span as long as 45 days. The scores of applicants who do not adhere to these waiting durations become invalidated. Considerations for testing You should usually take the examination once, but you may wish to attempt several times even if you satisfy or exceed the least required course entrance score on your first attempt. Some institutions advise on leveraging supplementary examinations to boost your probability of succeeding and enhance your rank in the program applicants pool by attaining higher marks. For example, you may contemplate taking the exam after achieving a few science units and then retaking the exam when you have almost completed your primary course units. Students often attain better scores on their second try, particularly when they have familiarized themselves with the content and the examination format. Remember that you will pay the supplementary examination registration fee since retaking the examination is not free. Furthermore, some institutions report that after two retakes, students begin scoring poorly. Available materials for the study It doesn't matter whether you are getting ready for a first try at TEAS or a second. It would be best if you put all your effort into having an excellent performance in the examination. If you take longer to achieve good scores, you will wait longer to be accepted into a health science institution. Academic Services

If you had challenges on your first TEAS examination attempt or would just wish to boost your scores, you should contact your institution to find out if you offer any assistance. Choose institutions offering tutoring, seminars, and other learning services to assist learners in improving their performances. You may need to make an appointment to take advantage of these services. A safe plan of action would be to get any of these services a reasonable time before your actual exam.

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