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Does my TEAS exam score expire?

How long are my scores valid for?

Applicants are needed to adhere to the examination regulations that the post-secondary institution they are seeking has put in place. Therefore, there is no specific rule regarding the validity of the TEAS examination results.

Each college or university that needs an applicant to take the TEAS examination determines the TEAS exam results' validity period. Several post-secondary colleges only acknowledge the validity of the TEAS exam results within one year.

In comparison, other institutions consider the validity of the TEAS exam results for two years. In some instances, post-secondary institutions still give the TEAS exams a validity period of up to five years.

Applicants whose TEAS test results exceed five years may be needed to retake the examination.

Will my school recognize the validity of my TEAS exam result? It is essential to analyze the post-secondary requirements to enter your preferred institution.

If the institution's website does not explicitly display the validity period of the TEAS examination results or does not explain if the period in which the TEAS results are valid begins on the date in which an individual took the test or on the date an individual applied for college, then you should contact the admissions department of the school. Your school can offer details regarding the TEAS examination score requirements and other requirements for admission.

Additionally, colleges and universities enforce their limitations concerning how often an applicant can try to take the TEAS examination in one year.

Numerous colleges and universities restrict attempts at passing the TEAS test to two or three times every year. How to Register to Retake the Exam In case you want to register for a retake due to your examination results' invalidity, you must follow the same procedure from when you initially registered for the date and place of the TEAS examination.

Visit the ATI website ( and click on one link concerned with registration. If you wish to take the exam at a PSI test center, click on the choice and finish scheduling online.

Suppose you are taking the exam at your college or university. In that case, you may need to register online with ATI and later fill a different form via your institution to get a date and time for the test at the institution.

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